Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Does my bum look big in this?

So Kim Kardashian...

Part of me wants to say; 


KIM is insulting to real women who have a personality and a real sense of style. 

Yes she is stunning. But what else?

I am really forcing myself to write anything here. I'm not here to discuss make-up tips.

I find Kim is a commodity of today's  superficial world. She has nothing interesting/inspiring about her, She possesses nothing other than her physical attributes that have bought her fame through countless endorsements. 

Being one of four girls.. one, two or three of us, were bound to stumble across 'Keeping up with the Kardashian's'.

The reality tv show that gives us a 
s e l e c t e d 
insight into the life of Bruce Jenner; a former athlete and his wife Kris Kardashian. Who's sole purpose is to market her four girls into making lots of money. 

I have to say that I do find Khloe and maybe even Kourtney more interesting/entertaining than Kim. 
But neither of them are the 
'Pretty one'. 
Hence making them significantly less marketable and indeed not the most popular.

Yes I could stare at her for days on end, but then what? 
...Commit suicide for not looking as perfect?

Now I must say to you that this non aversion towards Kim does not come from jealousy. 
As a woman I appreciate beautiful women, but beauty is so much more than looks. Which is the point I am trying to make.

 She is an icon for so many women. 
Yes, I understand that looking and feeling good is important and if Kim is going to be the one to inspire you towards that then great. 

As for anything else; 
She wears a hell of a lot of make up daily. Painted on beautifully by her make-up artist; Mario Dedivanovic.

She regularly has botox, admitted by herself. 

Everything she wears is chosen and put together by her stylist, Monica Rose. 

Personality wise, well let's see:

 she cries over naked photo shoots that she agreed to. 

In most episodes she's glued to her Blackberry...


Back to the point...

She is most famous for a sex tape that also launched her derrière into fame.

Kim's butt strategically facing the paps. 

She released a song in 2011.
 Which is just embarrassing to real artists. 

If you don't believe me take a look; 

Oh sorry wrong one...

To conclude I beg of you not to idolise the likes of Kim K. Unless you are highly superficial it really doesn't take much to be her. 

Although there is that slight issue of her being the MAN's dream. 

Ladies,fellas... let's be serious; if you expect a woman like KK then you better be the male equivalent. 

Usually I would post some of my favourite outfits here. But, I don't like any enough. 

I could find you a Birkin bag in every colour and a Louboutin in every inch,


where is the substance in that?

Trust that there is a lot more in charisma and personality. 
Which in turn makes one unique.

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Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Banana Heel

 Whoever said curves aren't in??! 

These claw like creatures are allover the catwalk. 

Banana heels are a creative take on the ordinary spike, they come in a variety of widths and lengths. 

Even in the Block cut-out style, as shown below on the Lanvin runway. 

Thierry Mugler Autumn/Winter 2011/12

Akris Autumn/Winter 2011/12

Lanvin Autumn/Winter 2011/12

Miu Miu Autumn/Winter 2011/12

Friday, May 13, 2011

Mr Porter.

The name 'Net-a-Porter' derives from 
'pret-a-porter' meaning 'ready to wear' in French. 
As I'm sure most of you will be a aware that both Net-a-Porter and Mr Porter are online shopping websites that deliver globally. 

They are one of the very few websites that sell authentic luxury/high fashion; clothing, shoes and accessories. 

Personally I adore Net-a-Porter, even though it is out of mine and probably most people's budgets. I still browse just to observe the way that the items are teamed together; typically in a clean, non-cluttered and very stylish way. 

Mr Porter was a new venture and launched only a few months ago. Its sister company, Net-a-Porter which has been running for just over ten years now, only caters for women.

It goes without saying that times have changed and men have no inhibitions about being increasingly interested and concerned with style. 

Which I think is simply wonderful, one should always take pride in ones  appearance regardless of gender.

Mr. Porter I found slightly disappointing in the sense that everything on the site is very monotone. 

The layout is sensational. 

Clean, crisp and sexy. 

However, on the clothing front, nothing is too out there - which is a shame. One appreciates quality and simple clothing but such a major brand should offer more than just an array of plain Charvet cotton shirts or one of every colour of a plain Maison Martin Margiela crew neck sweater. 

Margiela is known for being one of the great creatives rivalling McQueen. Why don't we see any of that here? 

Maybe I am comparing the site too closely with Net-a-Porter... Where it is the norm to be greeted by geometric Sass and Bide mirror detailing, Pucci psychedelic prints and in your face colours. 

The man's shopping experience is very different to that of a woman's. Women take more effort in sifting and trawling through countless shops and websites to find exactly what they want or what no other girl will have. Whereas the male of the species will more often than not go for the easy and logical option. Which is what Mr Porter definitely offers. 

Everything is very clean cut and the entire site oozes class and quality. 
My favourite part has to be: 'Inspirations'
below are but a few...

What more could one ask for, if I were a man I'd most certainly want to encompass the aura, power and self worth of the men below;

Mr Porter does seem catered for the Gentleman's Quarterly reader, with the high profile job and the perfectly suave City flat.
In conclusion every inch of the site has been tailored for the style savvy male. It's brilliant. And if luxury and class is what you are after you will not be disappointed. 

Here are a few of my fave pieces;