Sunday, November 28, 2010

Rob Ryan

Being a rather inquisitive person I'm always inclined to glance my keen eye over the surroundings of an acquaintances home.
My particular favourite is the bookshelf - a place for me that harbours my dream world...I simply adore reading. 
A particular hardback caught my eye: 'This is for you' by Rob Ryan.

Inside every leaf is an enchanting page of little sweet, heart warming and most importantly: non-cheesy poems and little prose stories, the words and pictures are all cut out of a piece of coloured card to create a work of art and then scanned on to paper.

Some pages focus more on the image and some on the writing but both tie in together to make a wonderfully magical book. 

I also noticed that there was a little handwritten message at the end- This book was given as a gift... I seriously cannot think of anything more perfect to put a smile on someones face...books are treasures, nothing is more powerful than the written this Xmas let us not underestimate how much more thoughtful a book can be rather than something superficial...Of course we all still want a sable slipped under the tree- all in moderation I say...x

...look what I spotted in Liberty!

'Fragile' Red Tape.
Seal documents, gift wrap or just decorate with this adorable sticky tape.

'This is for you'- Available from Amazon
Paper Cutting Book: Contemporary Artists.

Friday, November 26, 2010

Project D

X-factor maybe the subject of so many issues at the moment. But let us focus not on what Cher is wearing this week or the conflict between the judges, but on the forgotten one..Or should I say forgotten one of two- Seeing as there's nothing really to say about dear Louis...Yes you've got it: Dannii Minogue.   

Dannii launched a clothing line in June of this year, a collaboration with her friend, accessories designer: Tabitha-Somerset Webb. Tabitha's accessories consist of dairies, bags and purses. 
The bags are hot! Which is more than i can say for everything else. The remainder of the collection is dull, and overpriced, and you could find better stuff in New Look or Primark- Looks wise, quality i'm sure - at £62 for a make-up bag is slightly better. 

Fearne Cotton

Dannii Minogue

Mylene Klass

Ugly makeup bag

The Minogue and Tabitha brand is called  "Project D" It has it's own website and has been launched in selected department stores such as Selfridges and House of Fraser. ITV covered the process from concept to launch in a 3 part documentary called: "Dannii Minogue: Style Queen".
Apart from ITV there really has been no coverage whatsoever in the press, just a quick mention and pap shots of the launch. It even took me a while to remember what the name was. 

SO...I checked out the website, first things first...The look of it; I was up in arms when i saw it!! The homepage looks like a lesbian dating website and the rest- the font and other aspects remind me of an old greeting card that has an elaborate font of curly calligraphy and a photo of a vase of flowers in the wrong type of retro setting. I am being harsh, but it's because I expected a lot more!!!!! I wanted to see clean cut, edgy, trendy to the point clothing and images. Not a boring maroon layout that's worse than some 'middle aged' targeted catalogues. 

I did take a peak at Tabitha's site, it's much better. Basically represents a cool(ish) brand.(hmmmm...i guess she doesn't want Miss Minogue taking all the limelight)
Lets move on to the clothes..

The new Autumn/Winter10 collection is okay- Yes just okay- I'm just not impressed, it's actually annoying me, last year I was loving Dannii's outfits every week she would churn out a sexy/trendy, well put together look. This year she's dropped in the style charts. I have cut her some slack, seeing as she has just had a baby. Maybe it's due to time contraints that design and advertising are suffering, if so, she needs to get herself a team together, that can sort it out, because this is just not cutting it- one or two likeable dresses out of 15 is not good enough!! In this economic climate we need to be seeing BANG! BANG!! BANG!!! in every piece, that's not to say things cannot be understated, they just need to beat their competitors. Who is going to buy from Project D instead of Whistles? Right now? Not me.
Silk/Georgette Zebra print dress £230

Silk/Georgette, Black with Blue Trim Dress - £240

Non 'Jane - Norman' Looking Dress - £240

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Compulsory Kate

So, guess what!.. The queen of fashion writing and everything and everyone important in fashion : HILARY ALEXANDER said...
"I wonder if Kate Middleton will marry in a Victoria Beckham dress".
Now i just find this a sign of the times.  Unless you have been stuck with the miners in a dark cave (my thoughts go out to the them and their families) ---you will be aware that Prince William has proposed to his non old money girlfriend Kate Middleton. Politics aside...what will she wear for the colossal day?  I agree with Hilary...Vicki B could do a marvelous job... 
Just goes to show how society is changing and along with who we thought would never hinder; the posh totty...a royal marrying a woman who's mother was a trolley dolly - well I never... !  
She's a pretty girl with a great figure and should look good in anything, my bets were on McQueen but unfortunately as our deceased Great British designer will not be using his own hands to make it, it just won't be the same. Maybe in the years to come...Vicki will start a Couture range?... Watch this space, oh and you heard it here first..x

I'm yet to find a trendy photo of Kate Middleton, so as of yet, I haven't posted one, I think we are all in agreement that we don't want to see another image of her in dreary plain Jane 'acceptable' attire.

Scherzinger in VB

Now, don't tell me you don't want to look like this. We might not have Nicole Scherzinger's shiny raven hair or her beautiful exotic looks, but hell- lets get that hour glass shape out; perfectly sculpted in to shape by VB's Black Peplum tailored dress. 

VB Inspiration

Below is the link to all of VB's advertisements to date. Take a peak, I promise you'll be pleasantly surprised... 

Monday, November 15, 2010

Bravo Vicky B

If you had asked me about five years ago; "What do you think about Victoria Beckham?". My reply would have been something along the lines of, hmmm, yeah, she could have put a bit more effort into the singing side of things, she's too skinny. (But i wouldn't complain if I was that size)... and that I am insanely jealous of her elaborately colourful to the point of excessive Birkin collection. 

Never ever, ever, EVER! did I think I would be referring to her as a designer- or acknowledging her as being a rather good one. To my Surprise, about a year ago when I saw her denim advert on Net-A-Porter I was  simply taken aback. After watching it three times and then showing it to my sister, we were both in agreement that she has done very well for one of those pops star turned fashion designer thingies. I fully commend her as putting in some serious thought in to what she has put out there. 

The difference about Mrs. Beckham's collections is that you can see the genuine care, passion and involvement that she has put in to her pieces not to mention the execution/marketing. They are well thought out, not at all generic popstar trendy happy clappy fairy dust Fearne Cottony/Alexa Chung preppy vintage vomit. - 

I know Alexa and Fearne are at the top of the fashion charts... But at the risk of going off on a tangent I shall share this with you in another post. And yes I LOVE vintage, and Cotton and Chung to some extent. But not when this so called "unique" style is now all you see....?!!....Anyway back to the point...

VB's clothes are more along the lines of sophisticated, chic and elegant-- in a way her brand encapsulates almost everything she thinks she is/(was). Bless her. But I would seriously like to give our Vicki a pat on the back for making a go of it and doing it well! I'm almost proud; She's a fellow Brit and she is another talent that enables London to be at the forefront of Fashion. Yes she is not cutting edge design, and she will probably never be amongst the creatives of Pugh or Margiela. But she simply makes good stuff. 

AllSaints Boots

So this winter... we can either go for the suave and
and sexy look, or the option of indie rock god.
And my hot Jenny Humphry-esque finds are just perfect.
Team with black/grey spray on skinny's or torn/
battered and patched up marl stone wash tones of denim.
Criollo Leather Boot £220. 

Sunday, November 14, 2010


Burberry's three quarter sleeve, silk
georgette pleated dress;
Simple, elegant, and great teamed with
black opaque tights and pumps or nice
substantial chunky heel. Add a cardi for
the colder days. And slap on a statement
necklace for some character. Or a gorgeous paisley scarf, for some individuality...
Shoes, bag and Scarf all from 

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Bergdorf Goodman

Thakoon Fur Gilet.
Need I say more?

Antik Batik

Animal lovers. And those with
rabid beliefs about fur; 

avert your vision!
Following our seventies feel this
rabbit fur gilet by Antik Batik is
perfect to team with almost anything
for an eclectic feel with a bit of
luxury. The more texture the better,
wear over a denim tunic or join The
Good Life
and put on some corduroy pants. 


DKNY Gilet. 
A little versatility and a whole
lot of glam! 
Think cleverly this winter, you need
key pieces that will take you through
the transition of autumn through to 
winter and even spring. 


Cashmere mix hood. This is
by far my favourite of the 
snood family. From Whistles 
£65. Yes a little on the 
premium side, but come on it is
Cashmere. Ultimate luxury. That 
will last, just as long as you 
keep those moth balls in your 
wardrobe. This colour is big
this winter, mossy deep greens-it's 
that diffusion of the omnipresent
military trend for this years 
colder seasons. 


I saw this knitted faux fur waistcoat a
couple of months ago. I'm still a little
bit in love with it. A touch of seventies
bohemia in your winter wardrobe should not
go amiss especially as we have the wide
boot cut flare making its way back.
This cute little piece will see you through
to the bitterly windy but sunny days of spring.
Layering is always the best way of creating

French Sole

How cute are these princess ballerina pumps?!
In that gorgeous camel colour that is
everywhere this season, what I love about
French Sole is the shape of their dainty pumps
perfectly formed, feminine and totally encapsulating
the subtlety and beauty of ballet.
These will make any heel battered foot look pretty!

Wednesday, November 10, 2010


Alternative to the usual LBD. In luxuriously warm and soft velvet 
ideal for an Xmas party! £165

Marios Schwab.

Wool embellished brocade dress.
Schwab has taken inspiration from traditional 
Austrian design and has teamed it with exquisite
tailoring, to create a balance between 
culture and sophisticated design.
Net-A-Porter £2015


Temperley London's black silk-blend 
dress is a standout solution 
to stylish city dressing.  
Balance the geometric gold and beige
intarsia with bandage heels and carry a box 
clutch for a touch of polished perfection.
Available from Net-A-Porter. £595

ACNE. £315

Pluto Silk Dress by Acne. 
Pluto speaks of casual  
A dress comfortable enough you'd 
want to wear it all night, too.

ACNE £1420

Oversized shearling aviator jacket in soft sheep 
skin. A thick and high shearling padded collar with
strap and buckles,leads into a diagonal front zipper 
closure with an attached leather string.
Fully lined in shearling.
A warm jacket in vintage looking sheep skin and 
richly padded in shearing is sure to keep you 
warm for the next couple of months.


Tan Shearling Leather Double Bow Gloves.
Maison Fabre


Warm as well as uber cool. Get me my jet and lets be off!
Burberry Aviator Shearling Platform Boot and 
Shearling Giant Collar Tailored Aviator Jacket.


The beautiful sheep that are providing us with their gorgeous coat of sumptuous Shearling Wool. You'll see this wool everywhere this season it is the staple of our winter wardrobe for 10/11. 

A/W 2010/11

Let's delve in to Autumn/Winter 10/11